Our guidelines and our Code of Conduct form the working basis for all employees worldwide, for interns, project partners, consultants, suppliers and supervisory bodies. We want to ensure compliance with the guidelines and rules of conduct at all times and at every level of our work. Violations or indications of violations are investigated immediately.


DAHW Ombudsperson

Any person or institution who has serious and well-founded concerns about an alleged or actual violation of the Code of Conduct by DAHW employees may submit their complaints or a notice - also anonymously - in English, German, French or Spanish to the Ombudsperson.

ViaMail at ombudsman(at) or via letter at:

DAHW Deutsche Lepra- und Tuberkulosehilfe e.V.
Raiffeisenstraße 3
D-97080 Würzburg

or per Online-Formular here

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for DAHW employees worldwide is based on DAHW's vision, values, statutes and guiding principles.

Anti-corruption guidelines

Guidelines for combating and preventing corruption, conflicts of interest and fraud in the work of DAHW

Internal complaint management

In case of corruption, taking advantage of and violations of DAHW guidelines and code of conduct or other malicious/fraudulent actions

Child protection guidelines

DAHW Guidelines for the Prevention and Protection of Children from Abuse and Exploitation in Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid