DAHW German Leprosy and Tuberculosis Relief Association is represented on the social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube with its own accounts in order to use these channels to draw attention to the people who are affected or threatened by poverty-associated and neglected diseases and their consequences such as disability and exclusion, especially in countries of the Global South. We also want to promote direct contact and exchange with interested parties and encourage them to get involved, especially for marginalized and vulnerable people in our communities, as well as motivate them to donate.


The following netiquette applies to communication on the social media channels.

Dear users,

We are pleased that you are using the social media services of DAHW German Leprosy and Tuberculosis Relief Association. We welcome lively and engaged dialogues and discussions with you. However, we ask that you observe the commenting rules. If these are not observed, we reserve the right to delete content if necessary and to report it to the respective platform operators.

1. respectful treatment

Always be fair and polite in your comments and remain objective: Always treat other users as you would like to be treated. Please do not forget that behind every user there is a human being. Never argue with personal attacks or with arguments that are directed against people. Let users express their opinions and do not try to impose your views on others.

Posts that contain insults, obscenities, personal attacks, glorifying violence, unconstitutional, racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, sexist or otherwise discriminatory or defamatory statements will be deleted by us or reported to the respective platform operators; the authors will be blocked by us. The same applies to contributions that are written in vulgar, abusive or hateful language or violate the rights of third parties and copyrights.

2. observe the subject matter

The Facebook page, Twitter posts, Instagram posts or YouTube videos provide information on the medical and social work of DAHW and our project partners in the respective regions and countries of operation. In addition, we publish content from DAHW's public relations and alliance work, which we use to make the concerns of our beneficiaries visible and to collect donations for our projects. Your contributions to the discussion should relate to the topic in the respective post. If this is not the case, we reserve the right to remove posts if necessary.

3. misuse

The misuse of the various social media channels as advertising space for other websites or services as well as the commercial or private offering of goods and services are not permitted and will result in the deletion of the post or the reporting of the post. Content, information, software or other material that violates existing laws may not be posted.

4. protect your own privacy

Please also take care of your privacy and do not publish any personal data on the chronicle or in comments. Refrain from naming contact addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, private details or other data that could be used to draw conclusions about your person.

5. quotes and images

If you would like to include a quote in a contribution, please also name the source and the author. Only quotations and sources that can be verified by other users should be used. When posting images, remember that you must have the rights to them. Links to external websites should be used as sparingly as possible and should be related to the topic being accessed.

6. responsibility

We do not take any responsibility for the contributions of the users, this lies with the respective person itself. By posting a contribution, the author of the contribution gives DAHW the right to keep the contribution permanently on the social media channels.

7. Violations of commenting rules

As operators of our presences, we will not tolerate violations of the commenting rules listed here. We reserve the right to delete or report contributions at any time and, if necessary, without giving reasons. By interacting on our social media channels, you accept these guidelines. Violations of the general laws and legal provisions may, under certain circumstances, lead to exclusion from the respective platform and, in serious cases, to the initiation of legal action.

8. Questions

You can reach the DAHW through E-Mail to, über unser elektronisches Kontaktformular unter or through phone +49 931 7948 - 0 (Mo, Tue, Thu and Fr 8:30 – 12:30 Uhr, Wed 8:30 – 15:30).

Wir danken für Ihr Verständnis und freuen uns auf den Dialog mit Ihnen!

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