Protecting human lives

Global challenges such as poverty, the effects of climate change, food and water insecurity and armed crises have dramatically increased the need for humanitarian aid. According to the UN Refugee Agency, conflicts and persecution have forced nearly 60 million people worldwide to flee their homes in 2014. Beneficiaries and partners of the DAHW are frequently confronted with crisis situations - with profound impact on their lives and on DAHW’s interventions in the affected areas.

Our approach

DAHW assists in the areas of medical care, health infrastructure, water and nutrition. The focus on regions with local experience, know-how and cooperating networks allows DAHW to set-up quick and targeted crises interventions. Moreover, building capacity of partner organisations strengthens local disaster preparedness and response. DAHW’s humanitarian aid targets particularly women, children, elderly, people with disabilities, internally displaced persons and refugees.

Where we work

DAHW’s provides assistance to people aff ected by wars, natural disasters and epidemics. Examples of projects are:

  • Ethiopia: Drought relief - after eff ects of the El Ninoweather phenomenon
    Provision of nutritional supplements to children and distribution of seeds
  • Yemen: Emergency water supply in the Alqubitah region
    Provision of logistical support to local partners supplying water for 30,000 inhabitants and internally displaced persons
  • Nepal: Earthquake relief in Nepal
    As an associated member of the “Bündnis Entwicklung Hilft” (BEH), provision of medical treatment and psychological support through trauma counselling to 440.000 indirect beneficiaries
  • India: Flood relief in Chennai, India, December
    Establishment of medical emergency camps for urban slum dwellers by DAHW India and distribution of clothes, sanitary and food items
  • Pakistan: Relief and rehabilitation after floods and earthquakes
    Establishment of medical camps and treatment of malnutrition of more than 800 families, support to the construction of houses for app. 5.000 people and assistance to almost 15.000 beneficiaries with socio-economic rehabilitation interventions

Facts & Figures

In 2014, DAHW started to integrate humanitarian aid in its core activities. Focal areas are health care and health infrastructure, water, sanitation and nutrition. DAHW supports humanitarian projects in Latin America, Africa and Asia. DAHW’s offices are managed by local staff cooperating with governmental health departments and local and international partners in the health and social fields.

Partners & Networks

Partners: European Union (EU), „Bündnis Entwicklung Hilft“, health ministries, local administrations, associations, NGOs, communities, churches, individuals and hospitals.

Networks: Participation in VENRO’s “Working Group on Humanitarian Aid”