Organisational Chart

General Meeting

The General Assembly of DAHW Deutsche Lepra- und Tuberkulosehilfe e. V. is the highest body of the association. It elects the chairperson of the Supervisory Board and the other members of the Supervisory Board. It meets once a year. In July 2022, it had 86 members.

Employees in Germany and abroad

At DAHW headquarters in Würzburg and in the office in Münster, 48 full-time staff members are currently employed (as of June 2022). Another 150 employees are working in DAHW's project countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. In addition, there are several hundred professionals working for DAHW in the health sector through partner organizations, as well as some temporary employees in co-financed projects.

The Executive Board is appointed by and reports to the Supervisory Board. In its daily work, the Board is supported by a management team consisting of the heads of the three departments within the organization: "Medical-Social Projects", "Public Relations and Fundraising" and "Administration, Information Technology, Human Resources".

DAHW is in a phase of restructuring. The displayed graphic shows the upcoming structure which consists of specialized teams and works together innovatively. 

More information about the boards can be found here. More information will be available in 2023, when the reform process has progressed further. 

Salary structure

DAHW staff are paid according to the collective agreement for public service (TVöD-VKA) depending on the requirement and training profile as well as according to the level of responsibility from group 6 to group 14. The gross amount increases in stages over the years within the same group as professional experience and seniority are principally taken
into account until finally reaching the highest possible amount within the group. Higher classifications may result due to changes and growing responsibilities within the former area of activity.

Gross full-time salaries (Stichtag 31.12.2021)

  From Until Employees
Assistants: 2.418 € 3.578 € 6
Specialists: 2.910 € 4.748 € 10
Consultants: 3.180 € 5.463 € 22
Medical experts, department head: 3.752 € 6.560 € 6

17 employees work part-time, 6 employees work in partial retirement models and part time parental leave. 

The remuneration of the Managing Director who left the company on June 30 and the new Managing Board duo is not subject to collective agreements and amounted to a gross total of EUR 131,649.08 in 2022.

Members of the supervisory board and honorary board work on a voluntary basis. They do not receive any lump-sum fees, but reimbursement for incurred costs upon request.

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