Organisational Chart

General assembly


Supervisory board


The current line-up (July 2022):

Jürgen Jakobs (Vorsitzender, Grünstadt)
Eva von Vietinghoff-Scheel (Stellv. Vorsitzende, Karbach)
Hans-Dieter Greulich (Würzburg)
Chamoun Massoud (Wiesbaden)
Christian Schuchardt (Würzburg)
Prof. Dr. August Stich (Würzburg)
Prof. Dr. Sibylle Wollenschläger (Würzburg)

Staff members at home and abroad

At present, 48 full-time staff members are employed at the DAHW head office in Würzburg and the office in Münster (as of June 2022). Another 150 staff members are working in DAHW's project countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. In addition, there are several hundred professionals who work for DAHW in the health sector through partner organisations, as well as some temporary employees in co-financed projects.

The board of Directors is appointed by the Supervisory Board and reports to it. The board of Directors is supported in its daily work by a management team consisting of the heads of the three departments within the organisation: "Medical-Social Projects", "Public Relations and Fundraising" and "Administration, Information Technology, Human Resources".

Joachim Beringer

Patrick Georg


Elke Herbst-Tilgner


Management of medical-social projects
Dr. Saskia Kreibich (head of East Africa regional team)


Management of public relations and fundraising
Manuel Koch


Head of administration, information technology, personnel
Nicole Hohmann, Matthias Schröter


Heike Himmelsbach
Susanne Knoch

External funds acquisition department
Thomas Collein

Planning, monitoring and evaluation department
Juliane Meißner-Matz (head of Latin America regional team)

Innovation und Special Projects
Carolin Gunesch

Project execution department
Theresia Düring
Ramona Höfer
Chantal Menjivar-White
Sabine Schöll

Humanitarian relief department
Susan Höfner

Medical department
Dr. Saskia Kreibich 
Anil Fastenau

Research department
Dr. Christa Kasang

Social issues department
Sahayarani Antony (head of West Africa regional team)
Susan Höfner

Management of regional offices
Asien: Dr. Vivek Srivastava
Lateinamerika: Alberto Rivera
Ostafrika: Ahmed Mohammed
Westafrika: Roméo Essou

Further programme or project offices
Establishment as needed.


Würzburg office
Birgit Seubert

Sonja Chikwendu (Münster office)
Beate Gemballa
Michael Schnitzler
Lilija Tenhagen (Münster office)

Sonja Chikwendu (Münster office)
Maria Hisch

Sylvia Deppisch
Sandra Dittrich
Priscila Franco (team management and deputy department head)
Corinna Holzheimer
Florian Hundhammer
Friedrich Klußmann
Matthias Schwarz

Larissa Brodziak
Judith Mathiasch
Kristine Popp

Donation accounting
Simone Ehrenfels
Elke Sengfelder

Klaus Czech
Christiane Wiesen

Estate and asset management
Nicole Hohmann

Procurement/Facility management
Tobias Willmroth
Michael Welter

Martin Amend
Astrid Dülk

Christoph Appel
Christian Beyer

Human resources
Alexandra Brückner

Note: This organisational chart shows the main tasks of our staff members. However, some employees are responsible for other areas or temporarily take over other tasks if needed including comprehensively across teams and task.


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Salary structure

DAHW staff are paid according to the collective agreement for public service (TVöD-VKA) depending on the requirement and training profile as well as according to the level of responsibility from group 6 to group 14. The gross amount increases in stages over the years within the same group as professional experience and seniority are principally taken
into account until finally reaching the highest possible amount within the group. Higher classifications may result due to changes and growing responsibilities within the former area of activity.

Gross full-time salaries (Stichtag 31.12.2021)

  From Until Employees
Assistants: 2.636 € 3.524 € 6
Specialists: 2.636 € 4.664 € 12
Consultants: 3.124 € 5.367 € 21
Medical experts, department head: 3.686 € 6.444 € 8

11 employees work part-time, 5 employees work in partial retirement models.

Remuneration of the CEO (until June 2022) and of the Executive Committee (since June 2022) was/is not regulated by collective agreements. In 2021 the CEO received an annual gross salary of 107.855,69 Euro.

Members of the supervisory board and honorary board work on a voluntary basis. They do not receive any lump-sum fees, but reimbursement for incurred costs upon request.

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